Lookbook Highlights: Gap Spring 2014

With a new creative director, Rebekka Bay, leading the way, Gap seems to have regained  stylistic control. After a few years of struggling between focusing on denim or their customers work wardrobe, Bay has seamlessly found peace between the two in the Spring 2014 collection.

With a sleek, sophisticated new direction, Bay is bringing the Gap into the market that it has longed to be in for sometime now. With a collection that could easily compete with brands like J.Crew and Tibi but below those price points, Bay’s direction may lead Gap into a positive direction in the stock market.

The Spring 2014 collection brings classic basics into a sharp vantage point by offering cultivated grouping of clothing that finally fit their customers idea of style. This collection can prove that no matter the marketing tactics, sometimes it all depends on design.

 Take a look at their entire lookbook in our slide show below!

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