Jason Wu for Target: The Aftermath

Here are the stats:

-As of 7pm pst, today, 10830 results appear on Ebay under the search, “Jason Wu for Target”

-The most expensive item listed is for the Canvas Faux Leather bag that retails at $50. The “Buy it Now” price is, get this, $500!! 10 times the amount of the original price itself.

-The Flared Dress in Cream w/Black Patent Belt, (one of my favorites, which I didn’t get my hands on unfortunately) currently has 14 bids at $175.

-Target.com did experience technical difficulties through out the early morning launch with several people complaining about not being about to find the collection on the site or, if they were able to add things to their cart, when they would proceed to checkout, their cart would be empty.

A video has been making its rounds online of two people with two carts full of merchandise, purchasing several pieces and many in multiple sizes. Watch Below:

Though some people we much luckier. With the help of several Jason Wu fan’s, shoppers came together and shared links that were successful in nabbing the goods. Online shopper,Denise Velasquez posted on the Target Style Facebook wall, “yay i got everything i wanted thanks everyone if u guys wouldn’t have put links i would still be searching the whole site!”

Click through the Gallery below to see all the craziness!