Jay-Z to Appear in New Rocawear Ad

As reports were circulating that Jay-Z was alienating himself from his brand Rocawear that launch in 1999, Jay-Z went the opposite direction, Jay-Z renewed his contract that ended in 2011, for another three years. However, it has been a rocky year for Rocawear. Last months alone, 28 out of the 56 employees in the Manhattan headquarters were laid off, signalling trouble for the brand, but with Jay-Z around for another three years, he is clearly showing invested interest in the brands success despite total global sales declining from $700 million in 2008 to $500 million in 2011. In the last two months, Iconix, Rocawear’s parent company, signed several new licensing partners to include a swimwear line, home products and watches. While several layoffs were done, they were done in order to restructure the company.In November, Jay-Z filmed his new television campaign that is set to air later this month. Rocawear’s first television ad is a step in the right direction for the brand who is trying to revamp their image. Most fashion companies do not really use television, but Rocawear is planning on spending more on marketing with a corresponding print campaign that will run in magazines like GQ to Teen Vogue and Vibe. The television campaign will be running on TNT during basketball games, on MTV, BET as well as YouTube and other online spots. The commercial will focus on Jay-Z selling CD’s out of his car to headlining Madison Square Garden. Titled, “From Marcy to Madison Square” the tv spot will continue to drive home the “hustler” image Jay-Z has made for himself.
Re-branding is always a gamble, but with Jay-Z coming forward and representing the brand in advertising, it seems like a sure bet.