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Mobile Shopping Quickly Rising

Many retailers like Nordstrom, Amazon and Etsy, have been quick to jump on board with smart phone App’s creating a mobile feature to purchase from their sites. WWD reported Mobile sale from PayPal went from less than a million in 2006, and with help from the iPhone and other smart phones, it grew to $750 million in 2010. Mobile commerce has grown almost 600% from 2010 alone and Forester research is expecting $10 Billion in sales in 2012. eBay reported $5 billion in mobile and tablet sales in 2011. Obviously eBay’s, “When it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay” advertising really worked.

Literally, ‘at your fingertips’ accessibility, mobile shopping has become easier than ever. Have you purchased anything through your phone? Leave your comments below.

Author: Lidia Alvarez